Stephano has lived his life in equal parts of Michigan, California, Arkansas, and now Montana. Living in such vastly different parts of the US, his work reflects the beauty he sees in each state. Pop, Color, and Energy, is the three words that have been used many times when describing Stephano’s artwork. The viewer will find influences of memories of Stephano’s exciting past in the carnival, Navy, and world experiences. His most recent series entitled First Nation in Color is a direct reflection of his three month travel through the West : Montana, Wyoming, South and North Dakota. The works are based on traditional images and told through the bold colors of the modern art movement. Currently his work can be seen in Little Rock, Montana, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico.

My life can be summed up many ways but, I would choose to say that it has been a crazy ride of great experiences. From growing up in Michigan and joining the carnival at 15, the Navy at 18, and being chosen by CNN as a courtroom sketch artist for the Whitewater Trials in Little Rock. All of these and many more chapters have shaped me as the person and artist that I am today. Understanding the concept “that life is too short” just a little too well because of heart disease, I can appreciate the here and now. My work is the reflection of my spirit: bold and colorful!

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